Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The last post

1. After this class, design would still be a big part of my life. When I look at a building, I would think of all the design elements and what makes it beautiful and what does not. Learning about design gives me a whole other perspective in viewing everyday things around me. I used to only admire the aesthetics of the design but now I look deeper and find the functional part of the design as well.

2. My advice to FY students after the class is over is that whatever you do, always give yourself enough time to do it, don't procrastinate. College is a place for you to re-identify yourself, you can be whatever you want to be, so don't be afraid to participate in discussions and do open yourself to new ideas.

3. My advice to the student who enrolled in this seminar is to make sure to do the readings, do the work and participate and you will do fine.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Redesign K

1. Tentative thesis: Hot Spot shuttle is vital transportation system for Kalamazoo students, therefore it is important to have Hot Spot shuttles back.
2. Constraints that I plan to address in my analysis are financial problems. The cost of running Hot Spot shuttle are gas prices, van rental and driver wages. The trigger point is students need transportation to get around the school.
3. The four class readings:
  • The ten faces of innovation
  • City, The design of spaces
  • Emotional Design
  • Ch 9, Product, Services and Branding Strategies
  • Third places
4. "One of the things we often do at IDEO when collaborating with client companies on a new concept is to help them map out their customer's journey...the journey nearly always has more steps than people first imagine. For example, the journey of the car buying experience often has lots of anxiety inducing steps, with plenty of opportunities to stray off the desired path. "
-use this to prove that transportation is a journey, and by providing hot spot, it can improve and reduce lots of anxiety inducing steps of traveling.
"Think about travel and leisure, for example, where some of the most memorable, immersive experiences from a day at a relaxing spa to an evening at a hot nightclub--not only incorporate visual sensations but also make optimum use of sound, incorporate visual sensations but also make optimum use of sound, incorporate tactile sensations, and blend in the right taste and smells."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Campus Analysis: Kzoo Library

1. I observed Upton Library 3rd floor in Kalamazoo College. The purpose of the library is to provide a public space for K students and everyone to do work, study and research. I made my observations on Sunday afternoon.
a. The area is rather big. When you first walk up the beautiful stairs made with glass holders you see sofas and tables with chairs in front of you. The bathrooms and classrooms are located in the front as well. Behind the stairs are computers, and desks. The color of the library is mostly brown, because the wooden shelves are everywhere in the third floor.
b. Seating is very available. Library closes at 2am. Wooden chairs, sofas (group work), Computer chairs, and metal chairs for classrooms.
c. There are moderate amount of people. The 3rd is about 2/3 full of people but there are always room in the library because the 3rd floor has the least people out of all the three floors.
d. The floors are carpeted in zigzag lines on dark brown, orange and blue.
e. The sound level overall is quiet. Each area has different level of quietness. For example, the computer areas are the most nosiness because people type and they interact the most.
f. The material is mainly made of wood. ex: shelves and tables are wood.

3. The library projects a comfortable and spacious workable space with very few distractions. It is very spacious. There are more girls than boys in the third floor. The chairs all have a back seat and are all movable. There are a comfort distance for sitting. There is a idea of usefulness for everybody because there are water fountain, elevator and bathroom for the handicap. Also, the location of the library is very centered other other buildings and it's near the road. The library is very easy to spot.
4. People interact by whispering in the computer area. Quiet conversations in the tables.
5. I find it interesting that each area has different level of quietness and others are for different functions (reading, typing, and writing). For example, the areas near the window are more secluded and quiet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Principles of Marketing

1. Design affects everything of marketing. For example, products and service are created as a experience for consumers, so they remember the brand as good. The most important elements are product and service production, type of marketing (person, place, ideas), branding, packaging, and customer service.

2. Branding and marketing involves promoting a good reputation for the company. Tom Kelley's design of experiences were used often in developing a brand. For example, companies try to form touch points that gives customers personal experience for brands. Personal experience such as spreading by the word of mouth, and talking to a sales clerk.

3. The brand K is noticeably to represent Kalamazoo. K letters usually come in orange colors with black background which can be seen really far away. The brand can be found in coffee mugs in Bigby's. Also, the hoodies and shirts have K written all over it. The bookstore has a lot of "K" in notebooks, pencils, umbrellas (colorful), and many more. Also the school signs are labeled K as well. Design reinforce K's brand because it is seen everywhere in the campus.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The experience architect by Tom Kelley

1. The important points in the article is that design is have to physical but can be a experience. Experiences engages customers' senses and help them remember what a great time they had. Experience architects find ways to turn ordinary into something special. They turn commodity into an easier to use product. Finding the trigger points can make your business better than all your competitors.

2. Design of experiences and design of consumer products are similar because they focus on what customers want, and how to make their life easier. However, it is also different because an experience is a memory unless products which are physical.

3. I would design a karaoke party with 100 dollars. Everybody would be welcome to join and people can sing, eat and socialize with other people. I would need to burrow a lounge from a the college, some karaoke system.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wikipedia article rejected

Review is On Hold.

A reviewer has looked at this submission, but input from the contributor and/or other editors is needed before this article can be created. The reviewer left the following comment:

I'm sorry, but your article appears to read more like an advertisement than an entry in an encyclopedia. If you still feel that this subject is appropriate for Wikipedia, please rewrite your proposed article in the form of an encyclopedia entry. Encyclopedia entries should be written from a neutral point of view, and should refer to a range of published, verifiable sources, not just to materials produced by the creator of the item being discussed.

If the issues are not resolved within 24 hours, this request may be declined. If this happens the request can be resubmitted later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The 3rd place by Ellen Santasiero

1. Dr. Oldenburg means a informal public gathering place that is not home nor work he talks about the third place. Examples of third places are cafes, coffeehouses, health spas and soda fountains.

2. The most important design element of a third place is that it should make the visitor feel comfortable (homely) . The tone should be inviting, friendly, and upbeat. The space should be small. There should be a lot of comfortable seating such as sofas, and chairs. Entertainment is a bonus. People should also feel no obligation to stay, they may leave whenever they want.

3. The cavern can be a potentially successful third place. It has warm and inviting atmosphere. There are comfortable sofas all around the room. There are tea and cookies in the main room. Places to improve it is to form more events that invite students into going to the cavern. There is not enough people in the cavern to make it a successful third place.